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There are two methods in completing our fundamentals programme.

Option 1 – If you have been training in our endurance program then every 5 weeks we offer a transition course which is 15KD to complete your 3 sessions. This will be group based.

Option 2 – You can complete a 1-2-1 Fundamentals with a coach for 50KD for the 3 sessions.

CrossFit Flare fundamentals is your introduction to the CrossFit World.

Our fundamentals is completed over 3 sessions. In session 1 we will deliver a small lecture on an aspect of CrossFit, as to why we train the way we do and what the benefits are of training this way.

We will then break down and coach you through the key points of the barbell movements we use within the CrossFit classes

Session 1 – Squat, Overhead Squat, Snatch Progressions

Session 2 – Squat (...

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