CrossFit Flare is a large, well equipped, modern, sharp, state of the art box. Located in Shuwaikh Industrial area. Our aim is to share our passion for high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements, training and following well planned nutrition programs to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Breaking the boredom of routine

Training for the unknown and unknowable


What is CrossFit?

At CrossFit Flare we help to transform your current understanding of health and fitness, helping you live your life to the full and being prepared for every little challenge life may throw at you. “Training for the unknown and unknowable”

Many people have asked us here at CrossFit Flare, “can i take part in CrossFit because of my size/shape/age/weight/current health.”

The answer to that question is YES!!!!

We offer constantly varied programming that will help increase your work capacity (fitness) “across broad time and modal domains”.

Our programming is fully scalable to suit every individual to their needs and abilities. We recognize that the needs of an 80 year old Grandparent, Fire fighter and Professional Athlete will differ by degree and not kind.

You may be a sports man looking for the best sports conditioning, an aspirational person wanting to change your body image and fitness levels, looking for programmed guidance to overcome or prevent an injury, or just trying to extend the quality of your life that you love.

CrossFit can help develop all this.


Your training will be based around the Crossfit Proscription of Constantly Varied, High intensity, Functional Movements.

You will learn a large range of training movements from Olympic lifting, Power Lifting, Kettlebell Training, Basic Gymnastics, Running and Rowing to help achieve your goals.

How to start?

Before jumping straight into our CrossFit sessions you must complete our CrossFit fundamentals. You will learn 9 basic CrossFit movements, about the CrossFit ethos, nutrition, and how to live a healthy lifestyle to achieve those goals of yours.

We are a results based box/gym that prides itself in having a great community of people unlike any other gym you have ever been to. Our CrossFitters are interested in one thing “Achieving Results”!!!

The spirit and togetherness experienced at CrossFit Flare is unrivalled by any commercial gym.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come visit us and let us show you. Don’t forget to bring your questions you need answering to the better you.